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Mobile Sawmill Service FAQ'S


How much do you charge?

$65/hr with a $220 minimum

What forms of payment does Walsh Woodworks accept?
Cash. Payment is due in full the day of.

What’s included?

Me, the sawmill, a 12v winch, cant hooks, and fuel. My rate assumes you or someone you have hired will be present for the duration to stack lumber.  I do not stop the mill to move/stack lumber.  I can provide labor for an additional fee.

 How long will it take to mill my logs?

Usually 2-­5 logs/hour depending on: size, position of logs, cuts desired, and cleanliness of the logs. All branches should be trimmed flush prior to my arrival. Dirty logs dull blades quickly which results in slower cutting and more down time while changing blades. Dirt can be removed with a wire brush or power washer prior to my arrival.

Do you bill for drive time?

Yes, but only to locations more than 15 minutes from West Olive. Drive time is billed at the hourly rate, to and from your location.

What happens if the blade hits a foreign object?

Nails, screws, and stones dull blades quickly and will be billed at $35 per blade. Excessively dirty logs will incur blade charges.

Why did you ask for a photo of my logs?

There’s nothing worse than arriving on site to find that your logs cannot be milled because they aren’t accessible, too crooked, or too small. A photo or two of your site let’s me know if it’s suitable for milling.

How do you get logs onto the mill?

I use a 12v winch and ramps to roll them on. The mill loads on the driver’s side so it will need to be positioned next to your logs (7-­‐8ft away) accordingly, ideally on a semi-­‐flat area.

Do you have heavy equipment to move my logs?

No. I can however, roll them with a winch or cant hook. A tractor (if you have one) with a bucket or forks greatly speeds up the log loading/lumber moving process.

How big of a log can the mill cut?

Mill capacity is 36”diameter x 17ft long. It is not a hydraulic sawmill so turning logs, leveling logs, and clamping logs, is performed by hand.

Will logs larger than 36"x17ft long fit your mill?

NO, they won't! See above question.

Will your mill fit on my site?

My sawmill is a Woodmizer LT15 WIDE. It measures 7ft wide (cutting head) x 21ft long, plus the tongue.

How should I stack my lumber for drying?

The big box stores sell 1x2 furring strips in bundles that make great “stickers” for drying lumber. Any narrow strips ripped on a table saw will work as well. Stickers should be placed every couple feet between layers of lumber to allow air to flow through. Lumber should be stacked off the ground a few inches to allow airflow as well. 4x4’s or concrete blocks make a good base for stacking.

Can I use fresh cut green lumber for stickers?

I don’t recommend green stickers it as mold will often grow where they contact your lumber.

How long before I can use the lumber we mill to build furniture?

If stacked properly in a well-­‐ventilated area, hardwoods typically take 1 year per inch of thickness to air dry before being finished in a kiln.

Do you offer kiln drying services?

Yes, up to 12ft long.  Dry time varies with moisture content, species, and thickness.  Contact me for availability and pricing. 

*Drive time is billed at the hourly rate.

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